Where are the Baer’s Spring 2017

Hi!  Currently the Baer’s are located in Columbia SC where Tom is completing a Master’s degree in TEFOL that will allow him to teach English in a variety of global settings.  He will finish his coursework on April 28 (God willing) and on April 29th, we will leave to return to Ethiopia where Tom will complete formal student teaching at an SIM language school in Addis Ababa.  Sally and the three children will continue Amharic language training.  We are so excited to return to Ethiopia and to begin our service with SIM!  We are very excited to work with SIM and are grateful for the extensive training they provide to all of their incoming missionaries.

While in Columbia, we also have the great privileged of working together to teach English to a refugee community.

Find out more about SIM or to make a donation to our work with SIM, please click here!

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