Where are the Baer’s Spring 2017

Hi!  Currently the Baer’s are located in Columbia SC where Tom is completing a Master’s degree in TEFOL that will allow him to teach English in a variety of global settings.  He will finish his coursework on April 28 (God willing) and on April 29th, we will leave to return to Ethiopia where Tom will complete formal student teaching at a school in Addis Ababa.  Sally and the three children will continue Amharic language training.  We are so excited to return to Ethiopia!

While in Columbia, we have also had the great privilege of working together to teach English to a refugee community.  Most of the folks we work with had to leave their country to free from religious persecution.  They come to the USA with nothing but a few clothes.  The church we attend works to help each family secure housing, furniture, clothing and food- the Baer Essentials. After a brief transition period, we work to help secure a job for each family.  Tom and Sally work with the parents teaching English- which allows them to continue to thrive in their new work environment, schools, and communities.  We are very humble to be able to do this.  We never expected such a great opportunity to unfold while Tom was working on his TEFOL degree in Columbia but it is an amazing opportunity! While not in Ethiopia (or somewhere else overseas) we hope to continue working with the local refugee community here in Columbia, SC.

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