The Baer’s Summer 2017

Greetings from Ethiopia!

Tom finished his Master’s in Teaching English as a foreign language and is now teaching at a school here in Addis 3 days a week for the summer.  We are so grateful for both opportunities and praise God for carrying us along on this journey.

We arrived May 1st and God willing, will be here until the end of July.  So far we have had a terrific time catching up with friends.  This week we will be purchasing 2 treadle sewing machines to bring to the library in Dahley.  In the next few weeks, a seamstress friend of ours will be teaching the older girls to sew a simple skirt with materials given to us from some lovely sewing gals in the USA.  The hope is some will enjoy sewing and even start a small business of repair or sewing to help bring in an income.

We hope to return to Columbia SC in the fall where Willson will continue his undergraduate work full-time and Tom and I will continue working with refugees teaching English.

We appreciate your prayers, friendship and support.  Peace to you and yours. Love, us

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