A Journey begins with a single step…or pulling out of your driveway.

I am a wanderer. Adventurer.  I am Jo in Little Women. I once had a perfectly awesome proposal by a man that I deeply loved and cared about but I refused the proposal.  He was built to settle down in his home town and even back then, in my 20’s I knew that I was made to travel.  It was a heartbreaking situation.  But in the end, my need to move around overruled and we parted ways.  Since that time I have moved or traveled every single year of my life. 30 years of moving around.  For many, that sounds exhausting.  For me, it is like breathing. 

So when it became more obvious that we wouldn’t live overseas for the next few years we needed a plan. It took a bit of time, but slowly the idea to travel the USA took hold and when we coupled it with the idea to do volunteer work we knew it was time to GO! We will head to Western New York for Christmas and then Tom will finish up some work commitments he has here in Columbia SC.  After, we hope to hit the road for a few months!  Here is a rough idea of our first few months out.  If you are close by, please let us know!  We would love to see you!

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