We will be staying on a ship in Louisiana for the month of February supporting the work done by Friendships- here is what they write about current work they are doing in Syria.  We are so humbled to be able to support their work in Syria and Israel in this small way.


We are so grateful for all those who support our work in so many ways. Much of our team is in Israel at the moment preparing fora medical mission into Syria. Here we are meeting with various partners in the effort and training the team in certain aspects of the mission. There is one group in particular of 350 families who are refugees living in tents and makeshift shelters that we plan to help along with near-by communities of 60,000 people. By helping the Syrians remain in a relatively safe area in their own country, they will be able to return to the land and culture that they love and rebuild their lives more quickly when the war finally ends. Read more, click here

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