Choose Your Hard

It was so hard being sick and tired all the time.
📌My joints hurt
📍My gut hurt
📌I had zero energy and sat in a chair all the time
📌 I had no focus, my brain was foggy
📌 I had anxiety attacks, usually at night
📌 My confidence dropped daily

#whole30 was hard. I felt like I was giving up so much
Bread! Rice! Sugar! Treats! Chips, my beloved. Etc.

But after just two weeks of eating nutrient dense food and ditching inflammatory, gut disturbing, psychologically triggering food, I was able to hike 7 hours in the Himalaya mountains.

I was hooked on health.
It has taken 4 more years to finally let go of the psychological hold did has had in my for 30 years, but I’m finally free.

#foodfreedom can be yours too. I’m starting a #whole30 group for May 1. Dm for me information. You will walk through the 30 days and more. I specialize in food reintroduction and food freedom. Yes it’s hard, but so is feeling crappy all the time.
Choose your hard.

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