Whole 30 and Trauma Healing

I always knew that something wasn’t quite right. Something deep down felt off. For years, when that deep feeling started to come up, rather than face it, I chose to eat. I was afraid! What if I couldn’t handle it? And worse, what exactly was “it”?!

I didn’t have the mental reserve or emotional stability to figure it out. Because I had eaten crappy food for so long my mind and body didn’t have enough for the day, much less unpacking a past hurt.

Finally after 5 years of eating nutrient dense food, I was no longer starving myself and running on empty 24/7. I became stronger. My emotions stabilized and I grew more safe and confident with myself.

For me, when the deep scary emotions come up, I began realizing that eating food is going to make me feel worse. I have to remind myself of how far I have come and that I never want to go back. Working with Whole 30 coaches helped me stay accountable for eating nutrient-dense foods and because I stayed on track with food, I had the space to process past grief and trauma. I was no longer treating it with food. 

It wasn’t easy. But it was so worth it. Eating nutrient dense food does so much more than heal our bodies, it can impact our mental health as well!

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