Easy Whole 30 Meal Planning and Shopping!

I always dreamed I would be a person who loves to cook fancy meals.  But it never happened. So here is my reality.  Maybe it will help you. Life is busy!

I basically do the same thing every week.  

  1. look through my fridge before I go shopping.  If there is enough there to do a few more days, I wait to shop.
  2. If there is just a bit left, I create a meal with the ingredients.  
  3. I write a shopping list.
  4. The list always contains the same things:  Meats/Fish, fresh, frozen and canned Vegetables, good quality fats (avocado, ghee, olive, and coconut oil)  That’s it!
  5. I also check my cupboards to see that I have:  coconut milk in a carton and a can (read labels!), bone broth, (I order this broth from Kettle and Fire and use it almost every day!), fruit for the family ( don’t eat fruit except freeze-dried berries in my tea. You can see more about my tea and Whole 30 finds at my Amazon Store)
  6. My meal plan is simply this:  I take any protein, vegetable, and fat and I use seasonings to either make it:  Roasted, grilled, baked, soup, stew, slow cooker, sautee, curry, etc.  
  7. Finally, we ALWAYS make more than we need and eat it for our dinner or the next day for breakfast.  (You can freeze things too, but we live in a camper, so I can’t! lol!)

hat’s it!! So all week, we get up and say, Curry!  Or Grilled!  or whatever!!
I hope this helps a little.

xoxo Sally Baer

I use Kettle and Fire Bone Broth almost every day and love that they deliver- one last thing I have to get at the store.

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