From couch to Himalaya Hike

I have struggled with food and health for the last 20 years. In 2014 I could hardly walk, sat on a chair all day, slept every afternoon and felt horrible. I did my first Whole 30 that fall while in Nepal and as a result was able to hike in the Himalaya over 7 miles! I was hooked. It took me a few more years to get over my sugar/carb misuse and finally I worked one on one with a Whole 30 coach and found my food freedom. I want everyone to experience the same freedom! I know hike at least 3 times a week, own a business, homeschool our children and travel the country full time in our RV volunteering as we go! At 58, I now am living the best third of my life. Don’t wait that long but no, that it is NEVER too late! Contact me to learn more about my coaching packages.

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