Yes, the title does matter.

Sort of stunning how this little banner that says I accomplished learning the whole 30, serving others by sharing the whole 30 and finally passing the whole 30 assessment tests to become a Whole30 Certified Coach can change every thing. But it does.
In my effort to be the best mom and best human, I have put myself in really hard places. Always blessed, but often neglecting my mental and physical health.
It is humbling and hard to share this, but I hope it speaks to someone that needs encouragement today.

Being a #mom is hard. Really hard.
Being a #homeschoolmoms is hard.
#serving others is hard.

But in the hard we can still choose to sell take care of our selves.

I didn’t do such a great job of that.

That is not God asking me to neglect my physical and mental health.
That is my choice.
Working through the whole 30 process has helped me to see where I have lied to myself and lacked integrity.
Integrity with my food choices, my marriage and finances.
If I wasnt taking care of my health, I also wasn’t taking care of my marriage and finances in a truthful way either.
So yes, this whole 30 thing is about so much more than food.
Our food /health choices reflect how we are living every area of our life.
Hard #truth to swallow. But #thetruthwillsetyoufree.
I now know that all my failed attempts at whole 30 were a reflection on failed attempts to be truthful with myself and that I matter. The way I show up with integrity matters. 
You matter too. So many people helped me to get to food integrity (food freedom) which led to integrity and truth in so many other areas of my life.
I pray I can give that back to others.

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