Baer Essentials USA

We are currently in Columbia South Carolina getting trained in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

A special note to our customers and friends:

Since 2009, while we are in the USA we ran a small gift shoppe in the heart of NYS largest Amish settlement while working our small homestead raising Sammy the horse, Holly the ewe,  pigs, calves, layer and meat chickens, ducks, geese, cats and our resident dog, Bridgett. It was an amazing experience working in the Amish Community.  Now, we continue to home school our 2 girls and 1 son (one daughter is grown and on her own 🙂 ) using a Charlotte Mason approach, more specifically Ambleside Online .

A special thank you to all of our customers and friends that have supported us since 2009!  We love each one of you and pray a special blessing upon you and hope that we might meet again.  Until then- May Peace and Joy be with you.

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