Career Coaching


I have over 20 years of career and transition focused coaching.  When we are done working together you should be able to write and say what your life passion is in a very concise and professional way in a variety of context.

This is what I do with every client I work with:

  1. Ask questions about your life, your passions, dreams, experiences, trials, and tribulations.
    1. To help understand what God has been doing in your life.
    2. To help clarify what it is you think he wants you to do in your life.
  2. I repeat back to you what I heard you say and ask further questions to clarify.
  3. I will then repeat back to you what you said in a very concise professional language.
  4. Next ,I will repeat the process for all of your experiences:  work, volunteer, projects, hobbies etc
  5. Finally, we will pull it all together and I will show you how to write your story in a very concise and professional way for your resume.

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