Whole 30-My Story/Coaching

My Story.

Hi, welcome! I am glad you are here.  If you are like me, you are probably here searching the internet for answers to your declining health- tired, sore, chronic inflammation, hypothyroidism,  and illness, I finally found my answers in eating whole foods and doing my first Whole 30!  I hope you will find hope in hearing my journey.

In 2009 we left the USA to live in Ethiopia.  The first few years were exciting and blessed times but unfortunately, they were also filled with bouts of food poisoning and dysentery. Rounds of antibiotics kept me going during that time.  In 2011 I contracted giardia and was sick for over 2 months.  Finally, I took a very extreme antibiotic to help get rid of it.  At the time the research didn’t say much about giardia having long-term effects.  However, now it is well known that many people develop a lactose intolerance from having it.  In 2014 we decided to leave Ethiopia and as part of our transition, we went to Nepal for 5 months to rest and restore.  By the time we were leaving Ethiopia I had zero energy, could hardly walk, would randomly fall down from lack of muscle tone.  In short, I was a mess!  It is hard to see how bad we are getting when our health is declining, but looking back, I can see how bad it was.  In Nepal, I could hardly get around.  I wanted to! I thought I was getting lazy in my older age.  Even my poor husband suggested I lose some weight, thinking it might help.  The next day I spiked a fever of over 104 that lasted for days-I had dysentery.   It was a scary time.  When my fever broke I finally started my journey of self-care.  I  had ignored my health and care for so many years, I had nothing left.  Melissa Hartwig”s “It Starts with Food” was the answer I was looking for!  Finally, someone talked about how modern food is made to develop cravings and addictions to food.  And just as importantly, gave solutions.  I was in.  2 weeks later, after eating Whole 30, I hiked 9 miles. Although I was overweight, after reading her book, I realized I was also starving to death!  I wasn’t getting any nutrition from the foods I was eating and my body was breaking down.  Just two weeks of eating nutrient-dense food, it was obvious that my body was healing.  Here are some of my symptoms that also disappeared:

  • my energy came back
  • Thyroid (hypothyroidism) levels returned to normal
  • Inflammation blood work levels returned to normal
  • After years of anxious sleep, I slept through the night
  • mental clarity
  • weight loss (over 35 pounds to date)
  • stomach pains subsided
  • regular bowls
  • my husbands years of mild depression and ADHD disappeared
  • mood stabilized
  • I didn’t know until after that gluten was causing anxiety attacks, I know immediately if I have been exposed to gluten now!
  • and so much more!

Now, after 4 years of doing multiple Whole 30’s I am committed to sharing how food can and will change your life!

The Whole 30 is an entirely FREE program- you can go here to learn all about it.  As a coach, I will share my experiences and resources to help you stay on track during your transition to health for free!

  1. Coaching!  Let me help you succeed at your first, or seventh Whole 30!  I offer groups on Facebook: Join us for the September 24  start date!
  2. Resources I use for eating healthy including foods, blogs, books, discounts, printables, a checklist and more!
  3. Our minimalist recipes for Whole 30 Eating!  We have done Whole 30’s in Nepal, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, and the US so we have learned how to do Whole 30 with very few recipes/resources.
  4. How to do a Whole 30 with minimal resources.  Eating healthy can be expensive, but if it doesn’t have to be!
  5. My shopping recommendations for:  (coming soon!)
    1. Home
    2. Kitchen
    3. Food
    4. Books

Let’s start your journey to health today!  At 57, I can tell you, it is NEVER too late to start feeling better!! Learn more here!

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