Ethiopia 2009-Present

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Six Baer Essentials is a registered not-for-profit  located in New York.  The NFP raises money to  support Tom and Sally Baer who support various educational programs in an area just outside Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.  

The Baer’s support the following:

 English Language. It is critical that children are given an opportunity to learn English from a qualified  English teacher.  All 8th and 10th-grade national exams (that allow a student to continue their education), are given in English as are all classes taught from grade 8 on including University.  It is with this in mind that the Baer’s have always provided English language training for the children and local teachers.

Church Plant.  After supporting seminary education, a local man and some fellow brothers have created a small church plant.

Berhan Academy. The school is inspired,  managed, and taught by Ethiopians, with some support of the Baer team.

Community.  The library that was created entirely by the support of friends of the Baer’s and is run by Ethiopians.

We have supported numerous children and young adults in their educational pursuits since 2009.  Most notably, we were able to make arrangements and support a young orphan man to attend and graduate from medical school.  He is now a doctor in a small town. The first orphan from a government orphanage to ever obtain such a degree.  He is truly a light to others!

100% of all 6BE donations go directly to support the efforts by the Baer’s to sustain programs and children in Dahley, Ethiopia.  No admin or other costs are taken from donations 100% goes to their work!  All personal and administrative expenses are provided by the Baer Family. Thanks for your support!

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