What is Whole 30?

Whole 30 is a 30 day whole body reset focusing on nutrient dense foods and eliminating potentially problematic foods. Problematic foods include foods that cause inflammation, leaky gut, psychological trigger foods and immune issues.

By giving our mind and body nutrient dense foods for 30 days and eliminating potentially problematic foods we give our mind and body a chance to heal and reset.

Following the 30 days, a proper reintroduction will allow you to determine what food groups or individual foods may be cause you dis-ease. Once they problematic foods are discovered you can go forward and make intelligent choices about what foods you will choose to keep in your life.

Moreover, a focus on Food Freedom gives you the tools to maintain the healthy choices in your life.

Whole 30 is FREE to anyone who wants to do it. All of the resources can be found at the Whole 30 website.

For many of us, we benefit from using a coach to deal with years of food misuse or physical or mental ailments. The personal connection of using a coach, accountability, and resources can help us move more quickly to our journey toward health. Find out more about my coaching packages here.

Your body and mind will be forever changed–it is ONLY 30 Days!

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